Health Risks

Researchers at Harvard University’s Science, Technology and Public Policy Program define energy technology innovation (ETI) as the set of processes leading to new or improved energy technologies that can augment energy resources and reduce the economic, environmental or political costs associated with energy supply and use. These researchers note that traditional biomass remains the dominant contributor to the energy supply of developing countries, serving household energy needs of a significant proportion of humanity, in cook stoves or open fires. Among their conclusions is that there is still much to be done in ETI in shifting to cleaner cook stoves in order to reduce the enormous human health, socioeconomic and environmental impact of current biomass use.

About Enviro Fuels

Enviro Fuels Manufacturing, Inc. (EFMI) was created in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market a technologically advanced stove that people in developing nations can use to cook safely, efficiently, and healthfully, as well as coal-based fuel pellets that are environmentally responsible, non-toxic, and economical.


Enviro High-Efficiency (HE) Stove™

Enviro HE StoveThe Enviro HE (High-Efficiency) Stove™ is designed to burn coal, the most abundant fuel on the planet, in an environmentally sensitive, cost effective, and efficient way. The stove is easy to use and enables people from around the world to prepare daily meals quickly using familiar cooking methods.

Benefits of the Enviro HE Stove™:

  • Environmentally Responsible – The Enviro HE Stove has a special filtering system to remove a high percentage of the pollutants that result from burning coal. When our proprietary Clean Burning Fuel (CBF) coal pellets are burned in the stove, pollutants are reduced still further since our technology has minimized contaminates in the pellet production process.