About Enviro Fuels

Enviro Fuels Manufacturing, Inc. (EFMI) was created in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market a technologically advanced stove that people in developing nations can use to cook safely, efficiently, and healthfully, as well as coal-based fuel pellets that are environmentally responsible, non-toxic, and economical.

The Company was founded by Larry Hunt, a coal industry executive with more than forty years experience. His expertise includes coal mine development, “clean coal” processing and technologies, and worldwide energy challenges. Through Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CCTC) and EFMI, he has spearheaded the initiative to develop and patent technologies that provide cleaner burning coal. Mr. Hunt has surrounded himself with a team of executives experienced in coal processing, worldwide market development, and operations management and has long-standing relationships with engineers, scientists, and agencies focused on the coal industry and new avenues for leveraging coal’s unique value in a green environment.